Interviews on Kosovo status negotiations

2. Nov 2007, 02:54

Interview with Antonio Missiroli, analyst and Lazar Elenovski, Macedonian Minister of Defence

Pierre Mirel, EC Director for Western Balkans

2. Nov 2007, 02:54

Pierre Mirel speaks about the contents of the European Commission Progress Report on Serbia

Interview with Dirk Lange, European Commission DG Enlargement

2. Nov 2007, 16:00

On BiH and Albania Progress Reports

Interview with Christian Danielsson, European Commission DG Enlargement

2. Nov 2007, 16:05

On EC Progress Report on MACEDONIA

Interview with Hido Biscevic, Secretary General of Regional Co-operation Councii for South Eastern Europe

2. Oct 2007, 17:25

On the transition from Stability Pact to Regional Co-operation Council for South Eastern Europe

Interview with Erhard Busek, Special Coordinator of the Stability Pact for SEE

2. Oct 2007, 05:24

On the transition between the Stability Pact and the Regional Cooperation Council, on Kosovo and BiH

Interview with Gabriela Konevska, Macedonian Minister for European Integration

2. Oct 2007, 05:31

On the death of Toshe Proeski, on Kosovo, EU integration of the region, on Annual Progress Reports by the EC

Interview with Cristina Gallach, Spokesperson of Javier Solana

2. Oct 2007, 17:21

On Kosovo status discussions

Interview with Michael Emerson, CEPS

2. Oct 2007, 17:22

On a possible special EU status for Kosovo

Kosovo status negotiations

2. Oct 2007, 17:17

Contents: Is Ahtisaari's plan still on the table? Can the EU act unanimously in case of unilateral declaration of independence?

Jelko Kacin and Joost Lagendijk

2. Sep 2007, 16:45

Interview on the adoption of the report on Serbia by the EP's Committee for Foreign Relations.

Doris Pack on BiH

2. Sep 2007, 16:05

Transcript of the interview Doris Pack, Member of the European Parliament, South East Europe Committee Doris Pack presented her annual report on BiH in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 12/3/07

Interview with Pierre Mirel, European Commission Director for Western Balkans

2. Sep 2007, 16:01

Pierre Mirel explains the steps to be taken by a country between the signature of a Stabilisation and Association Agreement and the official EU candidate status.

Exclusive interviews: 2 new European Commissioners

2. Mar 2007, 06:50

Exclusive interviews with Leonard Orban, Romanian Commissioner in charge of Multilinguism and Meglena Kuneva, Bulgarian Commissioner in charge of Consumer Affairs


2. Mar 2007, 06:51

Kosovo Special

2. Feb 2007, 08:20

We have had a first round of debate now in the Foreign Affairs Committee, it was clear there that some colleagues although they agree with the content have some doubts whether at this moment in time we should call it independence.