SEETV releases a new TV documentary of 26'

Culture Rocks the City

Filmed in Barcelona, Lille, Timisoara and Zagreb, "Culture Rocks the City" shows how culture can radically change the image of European cities. Comparing experiences of cultural activism between Eastern and Western Europe, SEETV explores how culture can become a powerful tool of both economic development and citizenship.

Twenty years ago, Barcelona was nowhere to be seen on the cultural map of Europe. Now, it's a haven of cultural tourism. What's the recipe? Lille used to be perceived as a boring industrial city in the North of France. It has now become a synonym for dynamism and originality - draining hundreds of thousands of visitors since the famous 'Lille 2004' Festival. Timisoara is rediscovering its cultural treasures after more than 30 years of communism, and hopes to become a cultural destination on the South Eastern European map. In Zagreb, alternative culture is trying to work its way through, besides the more "official" cultural line.

This documentary film is available in English, French and in a clean international version for voice-over. It can be used free of copyrights by interested televisions. We can arrange a transmission of one of the versions via Europe by Satellite upon request, or send a broadcast-standard tape.

To signal your interest, e-mail You can also call +32 472 76 18 13.

A full transcript is available in English and French.