Kosovo Diary

The film crew follows Tamara Skroza,
journalist from Vreme, one of the
three Serbian visitors to Kosovo

Kosovo is the epicentre of every debate in Serbia. But most young Serbs never had any contact with the disputed territory. To question the mainstream perception of the troubled place, three Serbian characters went on a soul-searching trip to Kosovo – to see for themselves what’s at stake when the future of this place is in question. Back to the roots of the Serbian nation – to experience what it’s future can be. Is it possible to come to terms with Kosovo? SEETV’s camera followed their journey.

Three ordinary people from Serbia have started their journey to Kosovo end of November 2007. A student, an actor and a journalist decided to explore this troubled place for themselves. Since their journey started, a lot has happened in Kosovo and in Serbia. During this critical phase for the status of Kosovo, SEETV’s camera followed the three of them for the documentary film “Kosovo diary”.


Journalist Tamara Skroza, student and photographer Ivan Aleksic and actor Aleksandar Gligoric are the three main characters of the documentary film. The camera follows them during their journey and discovers the reality of Kosovo through their eyes.  Each of them has different motivations and interests: the journalist makes a report, the photographer takes pictures for an exhibition and the actor records his video diary.


 Each of the three characters makes his/her own “Kosovo diary” - we discover their motives to come to Kosovo and their own perception of the Kosovo reality,” explains Zeljko Mirkovic, film director. “The three personalities come into direct contact with the two parallel realities of Kosovo – the Serbian and Albanian one. Living in the same space, but in different “states”. Albanians relate to Kosovo, Serbs to Serbia


The journalist, actor and photographer come across stories rarely told in the prime time news.


Journalist Tamara Skroza meets colleagues from Serbian and Albanian newsrooms in Kosovo. She finds out how they live and work. What it’s like to make a living in a Serbian enclave. She meets Young Albanian pop star Rona Nishliu, who explains what the independence of Kosovo means to her personally.  


Actor Aleksandar Gligoric visits the Albanian theater in Pristina and the Serbian theatre in Mitrovica. Together with Albanian actors he visits the stage where the most popular Albanian TV soap opera is being produced.


Photographer Ivan Aleksic meets two photographers from Kosovo, Serbian and Albanian, who are hosting him in Pristina and Northern Mitrovica, and exchange work and life experiences.  

From November to April, the three characters stayed in Kosovo two times: before and after independence: “ This documentary goes in two main directions. On the one hand, all protagonists go on a physical journey to Kosovo to get first hand experience and to better understand the present reality there.  But at the same time, it is also a kind of introspective, soul-searching journey:  each of them tries in his/her own way to explore and question the Serbian perception of Kosovo, both as a territory and as a symbol – says Dusan Gajic, Executive Producer of the documentary. “Kosovo is today again a hot election issue, it’s at the centre of every debate, but in fact very little is known about real life of Serbs there, let alone Albanians. We want this film to be  a “debate stimulator” on what the right answer would be on the Kosovo question for the Serbian society”.

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Tamara Skroza at LDK elections rally, and discussing with Albanian pop star Rona Nishliu.

SEETV production team:
Executive Producer: Dusan Gajic - Film Director: Zeljko Mirkovic - Contributing journalists: Fatos Bytyci, Shkumbin Ahmetxhekaj, Sladjana Zaric, Tanja Vujisic. Production Assistant: Marko Maljkovic. With the kind participation of: Tim Judah, writer and journalist - Jean-Arnault Dérens, writer and journalist.

This project is co-financed by the EU through the Media Fund, a programme for the support of professional media development in Serbia - managed by the European Agency for Reconstruction and implemented by Press Now.

For more info, call Dusan Gajic on +381 63 258 694

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