Accession Challenge

SEETV is launching a new project:

  • A series of in depth “twin” reports on the main topics in EU membership negotiations
  • Creation of web resource center and on line “storybank” on accession process
  • Project developed in partnership with RTS, Mreza Production Group, Fonet agency, NovaTV


Production, broadcasting, web and social media distribution of reports and interviews on the main aspects of the accession negotiations.

This will be done through:

  • a series of feature reports on key reform sectors and negotiating chapters filmed in candidate countries and selected EU Member states.
  • a series of regular and timely released interviews with key actors of accession process. Reports and interviews will be aired on major broadcasters such as RTS but also on a network of local TV stations.
  • On line resource center on key issues of accession process including videos and scripts for all reports and interviews made available to all interested media
  • In parallel, active social media dissemination of reports will be developed.

Key issues in the membership negotiations will be identified and addressed in a form of twin reports: one showing situation in an EU member state and another presenting the state of play in a candidate country. This will be a specific journalistic “screening” of candidate country compliance with EU legislation. It will help to anticipate main challenges in the negotiation process in various sectors: from environment and agriculture to judiciary and fundamental rights. The project will offer a comparison with countries that are currently negotiating their membership or have recently gone through the process. On the other hand, the project will simply provide concrete examples of European standards in practice to illustrate what kind of change a candidate country needs to undergo before achieving full membership.

In depth interviews with key actors of accession process such us: chief EU negotiators; EU Commission and Member states representatives; independent analysts and think-tankers will be regularly released.